Update on Oakland's Encampment Management Plan

Each year, in any poll or survey homelessness is the most pressing concern on the minds of Oakland residents and voters. The Oakland Metro Chamber has been deeply engaged in fundraising and direct support of our City’s unsheltered residents, as well as convener of policy leaders and community members on this issue to ensure alignment of all efforts.


In the fall of 2020, after months of community input and discussion, the Oakland City Council passed the Oakland Encampment Management Plan – a comprehensive and compassionate measure to address the growing crisis of homelessness in our City. The Oakland Metro Chamber of Commerce welcomed Assistant City Administrator LaTonda Simmons on 9/23/2021 who provided an update on the City’s implementation efforts one year after passage, as well as updates on safe RV parking, current emergency and transitional housing options and soon to be opened City of Oakland co-governed encampments. 


Watch the update below: 


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