Leading in Advocacy

As the largest business organization in the East Bay, the Chamber plays a critical role in ensuring the voice of business and nonprofit organizations are heard by elected leadership and stakeholders

Leading in Legislative
Tracking & Advocacy

The Chamber monitors and tracks all legislation making its way through City Hall in order to provide members with regular updates on issues impacting businesses. The Chamber advocates on issues important to our members via public testimony, letter campaigns, and coalition-building.

OakPAC and Elections

The Chamber’s Board of Directors takes positions on important ballot measures and produces a voter guide for our members each election cycle while the board of OakPAC, the Chamber’s political action committee, endorses candidates for local office.

Individual Advocacy

Too often navigating government becomes a full-time job in itself for businesses. Chamber staff have decades of collective experience and relationships in Oakland and can provide valuable advice, landscape analysis, and advocacy for members.

Leading in Research and Data

The Chamber publishes multiple economic data reports annually. These reports are provided to members and elected officials to inform policy and business decisions in support of city and regional economic and workforce development efforts.

Leading in Development

From securing tomorrow’s workforce today, to shaping tomorrow’s leaders, Chamber programming offers engaging, educational, and hands-on experiences that prepares our workforce, educates our future leaders, and supports our local and regional social safety net.

Leadership Oakland

The Chamber’s professional and civic development, networking, and leadership training program, offering Oakland’s current and future leaders the opportunity to gain in-depth knowledge of the role leadership plays in Oakland, and prepares participants for roles on commissions, non-profit boards, elected office, and greater community engagement. The program runs monthly October through May and is by application only.

Business Partnerships

The Chamber is a leader in regional economic and workforce development, founding and convening the East Bay Business Alliance to speak with one voice regarding a host of issues germane to business and industry. The Chamber also participates as a member of the broader Oakland Business Alliance, along with our other Chamber peers, in supporting policies that grow Oakland’s  economic base.


The Chamber actively raises both awareness and funds for various social causes, particularly those impacting the most vulnerable among us, including workforce opportunities, sheltering the homeless, and addressing food insecurity.