Member DEI Spotlight

Turner Construction Company 

Turner Construction Company fosters a culture of diversity, equity, and inclusion in which all employees contribute creative ideas, seek challenges, and have the opportunity to grow. In 2020, Turner established a 10-year vision: to reflect the communities in which they build and to achieve equitable representation at all levels of the company. Their DE&I program includes:

  • Publish Equity Audit: Turner analyzed equity within the company and published a DE&I Impact Report. Some of the results show the seniority levels within the company and the ethnicities correlating to those levels.

  • Creation of Inclusion Action Committee: A committee was formed on a company-wide level with representatives from all regions, to focus on how to advance equity within the company. Sub committees were formed to focus on aspects such as equity and inclusion on our job sites, advancement/advocacy & mentoring, recruitment, training, and others.

  • Zero Tolerance Policy for Racist Acts: Turner takes a formal stance on responding to hateful speech, graffiti, and bias motivated events in their workplace. If bias or hate is reported, the targeted people are cared for, the event is investigated, and work may be suspended to provide training on anti-bias and inclusion. They deliver the message the importance to actively care for others and foster the right environment where people can be at their best, be authentic, and be treated with respect and dignity.

  • 21 Day Challenge: Educational videos, articles, or podcasts shared with employees every day for 21 days. The content focused around equity, inclusion, and bias.

With these initiatives and an annual report to identify challenges and celebrate improvements, Turner Construction Company is working to support a diverse and inclusive workforce that positions the company to grow, enhances their presence in diverse markets, and helps build enduring relationships within the company, industry partners, and their clients.

Brought to you by Victor Nuñez, Bay Area Business Development Manager, Turner Construction Company

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