Five Chambers – One Oakland

OAKLAND, CA, USA, March 4, 2021 / — Oakland African American Chamber of Commerce, Oakland Chinatown Chamber of Commerce, Oakland Latino Chamber of Commerce, Oakland Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce and Oakland Vietnamese Chamber of Commerce

Standing together as crime rises in Oakland, the five Oakland multicultural Chambers of Commerce, representing thousands of local and small businesses across our great city, stand united against hatred, misinformation and divisive rhetoric. We share the same mission – to nurture, support and grow Oakland businesses of all sizes, encourage job creation for our local workforce and to enhance the quality of life for all Oaklanders. For well over 30 years, we have come together to sustain this collective mission and support each other – believing social solidarity lifts everyone toward a better future.

Over the past few weeks, the eyes of the local and national media have been fixated on our town. Unfortunately, the stories have focused on Oakland’s ever-increasing crime rates, particularly in Chinatown. We oppose any/all efforts to politicize or polarize our community – and will support efforts to keep our residents safe.

Our joint chambers work collaboratively in many civic areas including:
• Provide financial and technical assistance to local businesses during COVID-19 pandemic.
• Raise funds to support our city’s unsheltered residents and work collectively to create comprehensive strategies to combat homelessness.
• Raise emergency funds to support small businesses and community organizations.
• Support efforts to address racial economic equity among City contracts
• Partner, advocate and amplify the work of the BID Alliance – representing thousands of small businesses citywide.
• Support a local regulatory framework that grows jobs in our City for our residents.

We stand together to ensure our local businesses, residents and visitors feel safe, regardless of race, color, creed, gender, religion, origin, or sexual preference.

In order for our town to remain functional, it must rely on a web of mutuality and a willingness to share with each other – acknowledging no one person nor one group can do it alone. City leaders, elected and appointed, must work together with each other and the business community to create and implement strategies that promote greater public safety in every community, increase economic stability and enhance a quality of life for all.

In the annual Pulse of Oakland poll, Oakland residents continually report that the thing they love most about Oakland is its diversity. Oakland embodies the best of America. We are five chambers working to promote business sustainability, job creation as well as a safe and unified City for our residents.

We represent ONE OAKLAND.

Cathy Adams, Oakland African American Chamber of Commerce
Jessica Chen, Oakland Chinatown Chamber of Commerce
Joe Partida, Oakland Latino Chamber of Commerce
Barbara Leslie, Oakland Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce
Dr. Jennifer Tran, Oakland Vietnamese Chamber of Commerce

Leaders must work together with each other and the business community to implement strategies which promote greater public safety in every community and increase economic stability…for all.”

— Joint Statement of Oakland’s Five Chambers of Commerce

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